Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floors are a beautiful addition to any space and can bring a sense of materiality and earthy grounding to a room. But, these floors often require a bit of love when it comes to cleaning them and traditional mopping often does not get the job done.

If you are looking to revive and freshen up your floors in a hygienic and sanitising way then look no further than the AW team and their hard floor services.

The AW team have been providing spotless floors to the Melbourne area for many years and are highly trained and qualified individuals. We provide more than a cleaning service, we pride ourselves on offering a 5 star customer experience with our friendly and professional team.

Why should I get my hard floor professionally cleaned?

Textured surfaces such as hard wood, engineered timber, porcelain, marble and tiles can be difficult to clear of dirt, dust and grime due to the particles sticking to the tiny grooves and grout. Mopping alone generally won’t remove all of these imperfections and over time your floor can look dirty and unhygienic.
Rigorous scrubbing can also damage your floors when you attempt to remove this build up leaving professional cleaning as the superior option for achieving fresh and sparkling hard floors.

The AW team is trained in the processes and procedures for safely and effectively cleaning hard floors. With the appropriate equipment, cleaning solutions and experience, the AW team are well equipped to service all your floor cleaning needs.

As well as cleaning your floors the team at AW can also provide you with grout cleaning services, floor stripping, sealing, buffing and polishing services, giving you a full service hard floor solution.

Hard Floor Cleaning Equipment

Mopping is relatively ineffective when it comes to thoroughly cleaning hard floors which is why we use professional grade hard floor machines to clean the surfaces. These professional grade machines are suitable for hard wood, engineered timber, tiles, stone and concrete floors.

As well as standard tiles our machines and processes are suitable for marbles, ceramic, granite and terracotta. The machines allow us to give the surfaces a deep cleanse as many of them are porous and are prone to drawing dirt and grime in. This cleansing process also ensures your floors are protected from contaminants and are safe for children and pets. The cleansing machine utilizes hot water, high pressure and rotary pads to give a highly effective clean, allowing it to dissolve and extract dirt and grime efficiently.

Stripping and Sealing of hard floors

Sealants are put in place to protect the delicate materials of your floors. However, over time these sealants are often worn down and require replacing to ensure they can effectively do their job.

To remove an existing sealant your floors will need to be stripped to ensure it can be cleaned of any sealant residue or existing dirt and grime that has seeped through, one it is stripped and cleaned it can then be resealed and returned to its former glory.

The AW team pride themselves on their ability to effectively strip existing floors, which is something that is done with varying degrees of success by other operators. 

To remove the existing sealant our team will apply a solution that will effectively dissolve the sealant, then using a rotary machine the sealant, dirt and solution are removed from your hard floors, exposing what truly lies beneath.

Once the sealant, solution and dirt is removed the team thoroughly clean the exposed floors to neutralize the area and remove contaminants, the floors are then dried and 2-3 coats of the new sealant is applied. Lastly, to leave a beautiful shiny floor the team will buff the surface to bring back its sparkle and make it look as good as new.

To learn more about our broad range of floor cleaning services contact our friendly team today. They are on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

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