Health Centre Cleaning

The team at AW are passionate about providing effective cleaning solutions for health care operators and medical centres in the Melbourne Metro and surrounding regions.

Providing good healthcare takes a holistic approach and the environment in which you service your patients should never be forgotten about. Sanitation solutions for health care operators and medical centres require a unique commercial grade cleaning approach, designed to reduce the risk of disease and infection as well as slow down the spread of germs from patient to patient and health workers to patients and vice versa.

The team at AW have been servicing melbournes health care operators for many years and are highly proficient in this unique set of services. 

Ensure your team is protected and you are doing your part to reduce the risk of disease for your patients, visitors, suppliers and equipment.
Providing a medical grade clean requires attention to details, a unique understanding of disease transmission and a meticulous approach to the cleaning of surfaces to ensure no surface is missed.

Our team is made up of highly qualified individuals who specialise in health care cleaning solutions. At AW we challenge our team to be industry leaders and apply best practice to all that they do. To ensure we maintain these standards the team are kept up to date with the latest training and cleaning methods, ensuring your premises receive the best possible clean.

At AW we understand cleanliness and safe hygiene is an always on phenomenon, this is why we work with our clients to understand their needs and how they use their space. Based on this information we then design a roster for works in line with your budget and requirements. This roster for works then ensures that all relevant works are completed as needed and logged for auditing purposes.

As well as providing A+ medical grade cleaning the AW team are also certified to remove medical waste appropriately. Medical waste must be handled with care and discarded in accordance with the laws and regulations surrounding waste disposal.
Have peace of mind knowing your area is hygienic and your waste requirements have been taken care of by a trained individual from AW.

At AW we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional approach to your cleaning services, our team has a strong work ethic and aligns with the values of the AW business. They are friendly, professional, personable, honest and reliable, allowing them to become an extension of your permanent team as you get to know them and value them for their high quality skill set.

What services can AW offer my medical centre?

The AW team can offer a broad range of suitable cleaning solutions for your medical centre, these include but are not limited to:

  • Medical grade cleaning of treatment rooms
  • Medical grade cleaning of reception areas
  • Medical grade cleaning of bathrooms, change rooms and washrooms
  • Medical waste disposal
  • General waste disposal
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Upholstery steam cleaning
  • Floor buffing and polishing

Cleaning of waiting areas and treatment rooms

The waiting room is arguably the most high traffic location in your clinic, you have staff working in the space, practitioners coming to greet patients, patients waiting for their appointment, patient families and visitors, delivery drivers and suppliers all congregating in the one area and acting as a revolving door of new people carrying new germs, bacteria and disease. If your waiting area is not well maintained and cleaned it can harbour many germs and disease causing infection and illness.

First impression count and by working with the AW team your waiting room will look clean and well managed to your patients coming it but it will also be hygienic and safe when measuring the amount of disease and germs on surfaces for transmission.

As well as the waiting area, treatment rooms are also high-traffic locations that require regular cleaning for public health and safety. The AW team can provide these cleaning solutions to you, giving you peace of mind that your environment is clean and hygienic, ready to see patients.

To Learn more about the Medical services available at AW contact our friendly team today. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have and assist you in understanding our services offering better. Our team can also provide quotes over the phone which are competitive and are valid for up to 30 days.

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