Medical Office Cleaning

Offices come in all shapes and sizes and function across many different industries, medical centre offices require a unique approach to cleaning which is in line with public health requirements and the management of infection and disease.
The team at AW are qualified and experienced in the field of medical grade cleaning and come to you with many years experience. 

Our passionate and experienced team understand and execute on the unique requirements for medical field cleaning, including those associated with medical offices. These high traffic areas are exposed to hundreds of patients a day and thousands of germs and bacteria and should be cleaned accordingly.
Our team utilizes medical grade disinfectants and cleaning solutions as well as various cleaning equipment.

Our team works through a regimented process to ensure all surfaces are effectively sanitised and disinfected including high traffic areas such as waiting rooms, desks, elevators and main doors, this regimented process slows down the transmission of potential disease and germs in the areas that patients may have touched.

As well the cleaning of services our team will also tidy magazines, dispose of rubbish, empty waste baskets and refill paper towels, tissue and cup dispensers.

As well as sanitizing surfaces and general tidying our team will sweep, mop and vacuum the floors to remove any excess dust particles and debris that may have come in on people’s shoes, they can also wash windows, lifts and doors for a complete office clean.

Outside of the office space our team is also qualified to clean patient treatment rooms, cleans some medical equipment and removal of medical grade waste. At AW we pride ourselves on providing a holistic approach to healthcare cleaning solutions and offer a full service package to our clients in accordance with their unique needs and budget.

This customised approach to customer service is what has seen the AW team build a reputation amongst Melbourne medical offices as being a 5 star solution to their cleaning needs.

Having a clean workspace is not only important for public health and safety and reducing the transmission of potentially harmful germs and disease, it is also important for workplace culture and employee productivity. Having a clean workplace not only keeps people safe but it provides a more inspirational setting for them to get their work completed. Many of our clients often see a decrease in personal leave days and sick leave days taken when they employ our teams services and a significant increase in staff output.

It’s important to understand that these high traffic areas cause materials and surfaces to break down quicker over time, which in turn can make them harder to sanitize if they are not cleaned and taken care of correctly. The vinyl and upholstered furniture i the waiting area must be thoroughly disinfected each day to remove any germs and viruses, these medical grade disinfectants can build up and start to break down the materials, to overcome this our team routinely washes the vinyl furniture with a warm soapy water to remove any build up of cleaning chemicals and disinfectants, spray them with a sealant and then applies a coating of disinfectant as a barrier. As well as furniture the carpet can also come under wear and tear.

Over time dust and dirt can buildup in your medical centre office, this can harbour bacteria, cause allergies and even accommodate dust mites. The carpet can begin to appear aged and dirty as well as releasing some unpleasant odours.
For these reasons the AW teams often brings a dual approach to carpet cleaning which includes radical spot cleaning for spills and stains, regular heavy duty vacuuming paying particular attention to high traffic areas such as entrances and exits and routine steam cleaning to remove deeply lodged dirt, dust and particles as well as refreshing, sanitising and deodorising carpets with the power of steam.

The AW team is your go-to solution for your medical office cleaning needs, our team is passionate and professional and brings an a+ customer services experience with them everywhere they go. Our team is now on hand now to answer any questions you may have regarding medical office cleaning and our broad range of associated services. We can provide quotes over the phone, via email or in-person and all of our market competitive quotes are valid for up to 30 days from the date of issue.

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