Office Cleaning

In our modern world Australians generally spend more time at work than they do at home. Now with the addition of COVID-19 it’s essential that they are protected when visiting the office. We are all busy people and often go to the gym, grocery store, sports practice and shopping centres before and after work, potentially spreading germs as we move from one environment to the next. To stop the spread of germs and harmful viruses in your workplace you need to be proactive with your approach to office cleaning.

To protect your people and do your part for ensuring public health and safety work with a professional commercial office cleaning company such as AW Cleaning Services Melbourne.

There should be no doubts in your mind that the AW team has your health and best interests at heart when it comes to professionally sanitising and deep cleaning your Melbourne office. Our team has many years experience keeping Melbourne offices safe and we are proud of the strong reputation which we have built over this time.

As a business we are ever improving and investing in our teams, education and equipment to ensure we are working with the most up to date hygiene practices for offices and public spaces, using world class cleaning products and equipment for effective and efficient sanitation. We pride ourselves on using best practice cleaning procedures tailored to your environment and how it is used by your people. Do  you have hot desks, Collaboration zones, large and small meeting rooms, break out areas and offices? All of these areas require different consideration when providing effective cleaning solutions.

The team at AW are experienced COVID 19 cleaners for infected areas, high risk areas and potential hot spots. The AW team are passionate about anti-viral solutions and are industry leaders within this space, being the preferred operator for many of Melbourne’s favourite workplaces, schools, child care centres, retail spaces, government locations, medical practices, hospitality and hotel operators.

The AW team is qualified to offer a broad range of office cleaning solutions designed to improve the lives of your people. Our most popular services include office sanitising, COVID-19 antiviral fogging, daily cleaning and seasonal cleaning services.
Many of our regular clients have an ongoing schedule with our team to ensure their office space is always offering their people a safe and hygienic place to work, increasing workplace productivity and decreasing sick leave days.

Does AW have a license to provide labour hire services?

Yes the AW Cleaning Services Melbourne does have a license to provide labour hire services that was issued by Labour Hire Authority.

Labour Hire License Details:

Business: AW Cleaning Services Melbourne

License Number: VICLHL05892

It is of the upmost importance that we have this because any organisation who hires a cleaning contract who does not have a license from the Labour Hire Authority could be at risk of significant fines and penalties.

What is Labour Hire Licensing Scheme?

For operators in the cleaning industry (and other labour hire industries) from October 2019 any businesses that employ staff or contractors must have a license to provide labour hire services. Penalties apply for the contractor and the client for non – compliance.

What happens if your cleaning service provider does not have a license to provide labour hire services and is required to?

  • As a client of an unlicensed Cleaning Service Provider you would be liable for a fine  in the many thousands of dollars.
  • The cleaning contractor would also face separate penalties

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We can a fully integrated Melbourne Office Cleaning Solution for your organisation:?

AW Office cleaning services offered Melbourne include:

  • Full-service office cleaning services
  • Complete office cleaning in line with the client brief
  • COVID-19 Sanitising services
  • Security areas cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Hygiene and sanitation services
  • Public spaces, washroom and bathrooms
  • AntiStatic floor polishing for computer and server rooms.
  • Hard floor buffing, scrubbing and polishing
  • Carpet cleaning and deodorising

If you would like to learn more about the AW team’s commercial office cleaning solutions contact our friendly team today. There are no office size requirements, our team is happy to assist with offices of all sizes and set-ups. We are more than happy to discuss your current cleaning solutions and what our team would do differently to bring out the best in your business by increasing productivity and decreasing sick days and personal leave days.

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