Vinyl floor polishing

Melbourne, bring your Vinyl floors back to life with AW’s vinyl floor polishing services.

Our team can provide you with polishing buffing and everything in between to make your floors as good as new.

Did you know polishing your vinyl floor is similar to resurfacing them and can be done numerous times over the life of your floors.

Through a process of stripping back to remove scratches or marks your floors are then re-coated with multiple layers of a clear polish to bring back their beautiful sheen.

Vinyl Floor Polishing Process

Many of our clients love their floors but don’t understand the process if polishing them

Step 1.
For existing polished floors our teams will remove the existing damaged polish with a rotary scrubbing machine and stripping pads.

Step 2.
Our team will then mop your floor with warm water to remove any dirt or dust that may contaminate the new polish

Step 3.

Our detailed team will then apply at least two coats of a water based clear polish to ensure a sufficient barrier is created and your floors are protected

When working with beautiful floors such a polished vinyl it’s important that you don’t trust just anyone with them, work with the professional team at AW who come to you with many years experience polishing and resurfacing vinyl floors in and around melbourne.

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